Consistently ranked in the top 10 countries to live in the world by the United Nations, Canada is a country that offers not only incredible natural beauty, cosmopolitan cities and a population recognized as being one of the friendlies in the world but it is also a safe and healthy environment that is multi-cultural and diverse.

Please try our True or False Quiz below to get to know more about our amazing country

True or False:  Canada is the 2nd Largest Country in the World?

Answer: True!


With 9.985 million km² of land and only 35 million people living in Canada, we have a lot of room to grow!

Canada is divided into 10 Provinces and 3 Territories:

West Coast
British Columbia: home to the rocky-mountains, major city is Vancouver

Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba: home to much of Canada’s agriculture, major cities are Calgary, Regina and Winnipeg

The countries financial and industrial center (major city Toronto) and home to the nation’s capital, Ottawa

French speaking, major clean water supply, (major city Montreal)

East Coast
Nova Scotia (Halifax), New Brunswick (Fredericton), Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown), Newfoundland (St. John’s) – home to Canada’s fishing industry and small town charm

Northwest Territories (Yellow Knife), Nunavut (Iqaluit), Yukon (Whitehorse) – northern area of Canada and home to Canada’s Inuit population


True or False:  All Canadians have healthcare?

Answer: True!

Health care in Canada is delivered through a publicly funded healthcare system, which is mostly free at the point of use for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

A health card is issued by the Provincial Ministry of Health to everyone who enrolls for the program and everyone receives the same level of care.

There is no need for a variety of plans because virtually all essential basic care is covered, including maternity.


True or False:  Canadians Pay Taxes

Answers:  True – but the amount of tax depends on your salary!

The Canadian Government collects taxes as a source of revenue to pay for social and economic programs. Tax laws are set by both the federal and provincial governments, although tax collection is generally controlled by the federal government through Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

The Canadian Government has established a progressive tax rate which means people that earn less do not pay as much in taxes as those who earn for money:

  • 15% tax on the first $45,282 of taxable income,
  • 20.5% tax on the next $45,281 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income over $45,282 up to $90,563),
  • 26% tax on the next $49,825 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income over $90,563 up to $140,388),
  • 29% tax on the next $59,612 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income over $140,388 up to $200,000),
  • 33% tax on taxable income over $200,000.

(Current as of November 2016)

Canadians also pay Goods and Services Tax (GST), Provincial sales tax (PST) or the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).


Compared to other countries, the Canadian rates are much lower.  Here are the 10 highest tax paying countries in 2015:

  • Aruba (island in Southern Caribbean Sea): Tax rate: 58.95%
  • Sweden: Tax rate: 56.6%
  • Denmark: Tax rate: 55.56%
  • Netherlands: Tax rate: 52%
  • Belgium: Tax rate: 50%
  • Japan: Tax rate of 50%
  • Austria: Tax Rate: 50%
  • United Kingdom: Tax rate of 50%
  • Finland: Tax rate of 49.2%
  • Ireland: Tax rate: 48%

Source: Economic Times


True or False: It is cold all the time in Canada

Answer: False! Despite what most people think, Canada has four seasons and can be very warm in the summer months. 


City July

Average (High) Temperature

December Average (High) Temperature
Toronto 27.1°C -1.4 °C
Vancouver 22.2 6.9
Calgary 23.2 -0.9
Ottawa 26.5 -5.8
Montreal 26.3 -5.3





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