There are plenty of cities where you can buy an affordable home in Canada, but will you be able to find a job?  And in the big cities where the jobs are, is the housing getting expensive?

What cities in Canada offer both decent job opportunities and reasonable house prices?

Looking at labour market data from Bank of Montreal and housing affordability data from Royal Bank of Canada and National Bank, Huffington Post ranked 15 of Canada’s major cities on their ability to provide jobs as well as affordable homes.

Here are the top 5 cities:

5: Halifax

Jobless rate: 6.1% (Year ago: 6.6%)
Average house price: $306,240
BMO labour market ranking: 14 out of 33
RBC affordability ranking: 3 out of 14

When you are thinking of immigrating to Canada, many people do not consider the east coast of Canada.  Nova Scotia’s capital city, Halifax, has been increasing job numbers and has the third-most affordable housing market in the country.

With a very popular PNP program that invites people for in-demand jobs in the province, Halifax is an excellent option for your new home in Canada.

3 (tie): Ottawa

Jobless rate: 5.1% (Year ago: 6.6%)
BMO labour market ranking: 2 out of 33
Average house price: $435,883
RBC affordability ranking: 10 out of 14

Both government and tech jobs have been driving Ottawa’s growing labour market. Ottawa increased its number of jobs by 2.9 per cent in the past year.   Even though this city’s homes are the least affordable on this list, but the city has the country’s highest average income.

You may be eligible to immigrate to Ontario with a CRS score of over 400 and if you have strong English and/or French language skills.

3 (tie): Saint John, N.B.

Jobless rate: 7.9% (Year ago: 8.3%)
BMO labour market ranking: 16 out of 33
Average house price: $172,547
RBC affordability ranking: 1 out of 14

Saint John is the most affordable city in Canada  when it comes to buying a home.  Unfortunately, the labour market is smaller than other cities so it will be more competitive to get a job.

New Brunswick has an Express Entry Labour Market Stream that invites people to immigrate to the province – the program opens and closes at different times during the year so it is important to be in the Express Entry system  to be ready to apply.

2: Quebec City

Jobless rate: 4.3% (Year ago: 5%)
BMO labour market ranking: 6 out of 33
Median single-family house price: $245,000
RBC affordability ranking: 8 out of 14

Better brush up on your French skills if you want to live in Quebec City.  The city is growing jobs three times as quickly as it’s growing its population, and the unemployment rate is a very low 4.3 per cent.

1: Regina

Jobless rate: 5.2% (Year ago: 4.8%)
BMO labour market ranking: 9 out 33
Average house price: $316,990
RBC affordability ranking: 3 out of 14

Regina has added 1.8 per cent new jobs last year, faster than population growth. When it comes to  homes, it’s the third most affordable city in Canada.

Saskatchewan has an excellent PNP program that actively invites people to immigrate to the province throughout the year.  You do not need a job offer before you apply.  You can apply via the Express Entry International Skilled Worker Program or the In-Demand Jobs List.


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