Over the summer two companies in Dubai were exposed as offering fraudulent migration services to foreign countries like Canada and New Zealand.
According to the paper that exposed them, Oracle Visa and World Migrations, allegedly collected money from unsuspecting customers promising them jobs abroad. Unfortunately, these companies exist around the world and take advantage of anyone who is not familiar with the Canadian immigration system and who does not know who to trust for Canadian immigration advice.
We spoke with Julie Beeton, Canadian Immigration Lawyer and Managing Director of Beeton & Co, a company based in the UAE that helps families and students around the world immigrate and study in Canada. She gave us her top 5 recommendations for avoiding fraudulent immigration companies:

1. Is the Person Helping You Regulated?
Ask the person processing your application for their ICCRC number. Often there is only one person in a company that is a registered Canadian immigration consultant and the person actually processing your application may not be regulated. Another option is to find a Canadian immigration lawyer and ask for their Law Society number. Canadian immigration lawyers have attended law school in Canada and are regulated by a Canadian Law Society – this can be confirmed on the Law Society’s website.
2. Ask for your CRS score.
If your consultant is not providing you with this score – find another company. The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score is the best indication of whether you are eligible for Canadian immigration but many companies do not share it with their clients. The Beeton & Co website provides this information when you complete the free assessment. The Canadian Government also offers it for free.
3. Watch out for companies who “guarantee” your application will be successful.
These companies often ask for a large fee and when your application is denied, only return a small portion of your fees. There are people who have discovered their application was never actually submitted by these companies. The only guarantee you have at being successful is having a Canadian immigration score that is high enough to be selected.
4. If your consultant is asking you to be untruthful on your application, not allowing you to review your application before it is submitted or not clearly answering all your questions, find someone else to work with.
Providing incorrect information on your application can lead to it being rejected or you receiving an immigration ban of up to 5 years.
5. If a company is asking you to pay for a job in Canada, this is usually a red flag.
Canadian companies that are interested in recruiting do not charge fees to people they are trying to hire. The Beeton & Co Facebook page frequently advertises for Canadian companies who are recruiting in the region – these are Canadian government sponsored recruitment sessions.
As her final advice, Julie Beeton stated, “Find someone reputable to help you with your Canadian immigration application but also read about the process on your own so you are aware of how it works.”
Beeton & Co regularly offers free Facebook live presentations to give accurate and professional information to people about the Canadian immigration system.
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