In the second quarter of 2017,there was an increase in the number of people being invited to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada. There was also a decrease in the minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points which are needed for a person to be issued an ITA. April, May, and June were the busiest months with approximately 26,000 ITAs being issued.

What if I have a low Canadian Immigration Score?
If you CRS score is below the minimum CRS score required for the Federal Skilled Worker Program (which has been in the range of 413-449 in the last few months), you should consider applying to a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP program). If you are nominated by a Province for immigration to Canada, you will receive an extra 600 CRS points. These PNP programs are very popular with our clients and we help many people immigrate to Canada through these programs.
Beeton & Co offers a PNP Review service that will determine your eligibility to the 60+ PNP programs. We recommend that you know if you are eligible for these PNP Programs before spending money to apply to Express Entry.

What are the PNP Programs?
Each Province in Canada has 3-4 immigration programs that allow the Province to invite candidates to immigrate directly to such Province. These programs are in addition to the federal immigration programs (such as the Federal Skilled Worker Program).
The PNP Programs open and close during the year and you must be in the Express Entry pool to apply.
The eligibility requirements change during the year and we have noted some Provinces making the eligibility requirements easier. In Ontario, people with IT work experience are being prioritized in the selection process and the 400 CRS point requirement that normally applies to all candidates, is not required for tech workers. In Nova Scotia, people from occupations such as finance, tech, health, engineering, academics and social work are being sought after. British Columbia is seeking IT and tech professionals in the Express Entry pool.
Please get in touch with Beeton & Co if you would like to know more about the opportunities offered by the PNP Programs.



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