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Each year over 170,000 people will immigrate to Canada via the Express Entry system.


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About Canada

Employment Prospects

Canada's job market is growing. Due to steady growth in the Canadian economy, innovative industries such as the Canadian tech sector and the increasing number of retirees each year, Canada needs foreign workers to grow and keep its economy strong.

Find out:
How do I find a job from outside of Canada?
Which Canadian industries are expecting a shortage of employees?

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Cost of Living

How does the cost of living in Canada compare to the UK and US?

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Places in Canada

Decide where in Canada you want to live – find out more about the amazing cities and provinces.

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People & Culture

We are more than maple syrup and ice hockey – find out what makes someone "Canadian".

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Economy & Politics

Who is Justin Trudeau? What is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know if Your Immigration Consultant Is Reliable?

Has your consultant provided you with your CRS score or only said that you are "eligible"? Remember that there are two Canadian immigration tests and being "eligible" is not enough. You need to know your CRS score. Try our free online assessment to get your CRS score today.

Do you know who personally will be handling your file? Is the person who is actually handling your file a Canadian immigration lawyer or certified consultant? How experienced are they?

At Beeton & Co, our Canadian lawyers manage all the applications and will be your point of contact. You will know their name and be able to contact them.

How Much Does it Cost to Immigrate?

At Beeton & Co our clients DO NOT pay our full fees if they are not selected for Permanent Residency. Our fees are paid in three installments to make it easy for our clients to manage. Other costs include obtaining your supporting documents such as your English language test and degree accreditation. Also remember that the Canadian government has a threshold of how much money you need to bring with you when you immigrate to Canada.

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