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Are you a busy Canadian family looking for help at home?  Do you have young children?  Elderly parents?

At Beeton & Co we specialize in finding highly-qualified nannies and elderly caregivers for families in Canada.

Through our office in the United Arab Emirates, we meet nannies and caregivers personally and vet each candidate.  We also assist families with the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and the Canadian immigration process once they have found a suitable candidate.

Julie Beeton, the Managing Director of Beeton & Co, is a Canadian lawyer but also a mother.  She understands the importance of bringing someone into your home that works well with your family and how difficult it is not meeting a caregiver in person before you hire them.  We will work with you and meet the candidates on your behalf.

Julie Beeton“Working and being a mother is a difficult balance.  Having someone at home to help managing getting everyone ready for school, be there when the kids get home and help organize your life can really lower the stress levels and help you feel on top of everything.”  Julie Beeton  



5 Steps to Hiring an Overseas Caregiver

Step 1: Finding a Caregiver

Once we understand your needs, we will submit the CVs of several candidates to you for your review. You are encouraged to contact the nannies directly and also arrange a Skype call. Once you have selected a candidate you think is appropriate for your family, we will inform the nanny and complete the immigration process. You also have the option to proceed with the immigration process and find your nanny later which is a good option for some families.

Step 2: Advertising

Families must advertise the caregiver role using a number of different recruitment methods to illustrate that no Canadians or permanent residents are willing to fill the role. The advertisement must meet various requirements to qualify under the Canadian Government’s advertising rules – if the advertisements do not meet these requirements, your application will be delayed or rejected.


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Step 3: Obtaining a Canadian Revenue Agency Business Number

Individuals hiring a foreign caregiver are considered employers and must obtain a business number from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Step 4: Obtaining a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

The LMIA must be approved by Employment and Social Development Canada. Effectively the approval shows that you cannot fill this position by hiring someone already in Canada – therefore the advertising requirement is essential.

Step 5: Obtaining the Temporary Work Visa

With the assistance of Beeton & Co, the nanny will submit a Temporary Work Visa application, the approved LMIA and other supporting documents to the Canadian visa office in the country in which they are resident. Once the visa is issued, the nanny can immigrate to Canada.

The assistance of a highly-qualified caregiver can be life changing for a family –not only can they provide children with the support they need but also provide some much needed help and relief to mothers and fathers.

Please contact Beeton & Co to discuss your options.  We are happy to help.

If you are a Canadian organization looking for overseas nannies or elderly caregivers, please contact us to discuss how we can help your organization.


For Nannies and Elderly Caregivers

Please get in touch with us if you are an experienced caregiver living in the UAE that is interested in joining a family in Canada.

To move to Canada as a nanny or personal caregiver, you must meet certain requirements set out by the Canadian Government, including:

  • Successful completion of secondary school;
  • A working knowledge of either English or French; and
  • At least one year of experience as a caregiver or equivalent training.

We are looking for exceptional candidates that are passionate about working with the children and/or elderly.  




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