1. Student Residence – Dormitories (On-Campus Living)

Many schools have accommodation located on or near their campus which is convenient for students, especially if they are not familiar with the campus or city they are studying in. On campus dormitories are an excellent option for international students as the rooms are often furnished and also offer a great way to meet other students.

Rooms vary in size and in quality, and many dormitories have shared kitchens, toilets, showers and laundry facilities. Dormitories are usually larger buildings housing many students. Some universities also offer townhouses which have separate apartments for usually 3-6 students.
Universities and colleges usually offer an option of either shared or private rooms, and dormitories are sometimes separated by gender. Some dormitories offer a cafeteria and meal plan (paid ahead of time) and often include a common area for TV, cooking and working out.

2. Shared Apartment or Condominium (Off-Campus Living)

Off-campus shared apartments provide students are often cheaper than on-campus dormitories. Apartment living usually means you will have a single room and share the living space with roommates. You will share the kitchen, bathroom, dining, and living room area.
The cost of off-campus living varies depending on where you are studying – larger cities such as Vancouver and Toronto will have higher rents then elsewhere.

3. Host Family/Homestay (Off-Campus Living)

Probably the cheapest of all your accommodation options, homestays involve living with a Canadian family while you study. Living with a Canadian family may offer an introduction to Canadian people and also additional security for students as they are living in a family home. Typically, a homestay consists of a Canadian family hosting a student in their home while the student attends classes. The family provides a private, single-occupancy room and a pre-agreed number of meals each day.

4. Furnished or Unfurnished Apartment Rentals (Off-Campus Living)

You may check the local listings in the city you are moving to or use website sites such as Airbnb to find an apartment in the city where you are studying. Make sure to ask whether the apartment is furnished or unfurnished – if you are arriving from another country it may be hard for you to manage if the apartment if unfurnished.



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