• Six months after finishing school, graduates earn an average of $43,000 CDN a year while their cohorts who did not attend university earn an average of just $26,000 CDN.
  • Statistics Canada estimated that the earnings premium associated with a bachelor’s degree over the 20-year period from their mid-thirties to mid-fifties ranges, on average, from $728,000 CDN for men to $442,000 for women CDN.

If you are obtaining education specifically to ensure you get a job when you graduate, the following 5 undergraduate degrees are most likely to land you a job in your field:

  • Human Resources (88 per cent)
  • Engineering (90 per cent)
  • Computer Science (91 per cent)
  • Pharmacy (94 per cent)
  • Nursing (97 per cent)

The 5 degrees that earn the highest starting salaries:

  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Math
  • Healthcare

The average starting salaries for graduates from Computer Science programs is $ 68,000 CDN.

The most popular first jobs for Computer Science graduates include:

  • Software Developer – $68,000 CDN
  • Web Developer – $52,000 CDN
  • Business Analyst – $74,000 CDN
  • Consultant – $74,000 CDN
  • Project Manager – $75,000 CDN

The average starting salaries for graduates from Engineering is $76,000 CDN.

The most common jobs for Engineering graduates include:

  • Mechanical Engineer – $73,000 CDN
  • Design Engineer – $73,000 CDN
  • Project Engineer – $75,000 CDN
  • Electrical Engineer – $79,000 CDN
  • Software Engineer – $80,000 CDN

The average starting salaries for the most common jobs held by Math graduates is $67,600 CDN

The most common first jobs for Math graduates include:

  • Market researcher – $60,000 CDN
  • Actuarial Analyst $67,000 CDN
  • Software Developer $68,000 CDN
  • Banking consultant – $68,000 CDN
  • Business Analyst – $75,000 CDN

The top Healthcare jobs that hire new graduates are:

  • Kinesiologist – $47,000 CDN
  • Physiotherapist – $71,000 CDN
  • Registered Nurse – $72,000 CDN
  • Occupational therapist – $73,000 CDN
  • Pharmacist – $85,000 CDN

Source: Workopolis


What is the Canadian Job Market Like for Students?

Statistics Canada and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development show the Canadian job market remaining strong.

In addition, Canada is also facing a surge in the number of people retiring each year due to an ageing population.  The number of new retirees in Canada each year is approximately 250,000.  Within a few years, the retirement rates will be close to 400,000 per year.

Canadian immigration is incredibly important to the success of the Canadian economy and the battle to replenish the workforce.  Each year approximately 300,000 new immigrants arrive in Canada, roughly double Canada’s natural growth rate.


Where do I start my Job Research?

The best place to start your job research is the Canadian Job Bank (www.jobbank.gc.ca).  The website is full of helpful reports on the Canadian job market and also lists many jobs available in Canada.




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