International students can offset the cost of their studies in a variety of ways:

Working On-Campus or Off-Campus

In accordance with their Study Permit, international students in Canada may be eligible to work part-time during their studies either on-campus or off-campus.

Co-op or Internship Programs

International students may also want to consider co-op placements during their studies.  Co-operation placements (or co-op) are effectively paid internships.  Students gain valuable work experience while getting paid for their work.  The Canadian Study Permit allows students to participate in a co-op program if the program is weighted at less than 50% of their course.


The Federal Canadian Government and many Canadian Provinces offer scholarships to international students, particularly if a student is of high academic standing or there many be scholarships for students from certain areas or countries.

In addition to government related scholarships, most universities and colleges have scholarships for international students.  Institutions may also offer students a reduced tuition rate for students studying in a particular language or in a particular field.

Institutional and government sponsored scholarships will need to be researched on a case-by-case basis and change from year to year.

Financial Aid

Students in need may also be eligible for financial aid from the university they are studying at.  Many universities offer bursaries and other financial assistance.

Home Country Scholarships

Students must consider whether their home country offers scholarships for studying abroad.  A popular scholarship for Saudi nationals is:

King Abdullah Scholarship Program: The Saudi government invests billions of Saudi Riyals in the KASP program each year. To date, more than 200,000 Saudi Arabian citizens have obtained degrees in over 30 countries, including Canada. In 2015, the Saudi Arabian Government announced that would allocate 210 billion Saudi Riyals, a fourth of its overall budget and an increase from 2014, for the KASP’s 10th cycle of students. Current KASP programs of study are medicine, medical science, and health sciences.


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