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There are over 100 universities in Canada that offer world-class education in incredible cities across the country.   Your time at university will help you grow not only academically with the incredible selection of undergraduate and graduate courses on offer but your study time will also allow you to forge friendships with other students, experience life as a Canadian and also network with potential Canadian employers.

What Canadian university suits you the best?  Answer the 7 questions below to get a report on the top Canadian universities matching your interests.


With lower fees and admission requirements and at the same time offering diploma, certificate and degree programs, Canadian colleges are an excellent option for international students wanting to study in Canada.


If you are interested in a degree program, many colleges offer 4 year degrees either from their institution or from a partner university.

For international students who are not able to gain admission to a Canadian university as a first year student (because admission can be highly  competitive ), a Canadian college with the right transfer program may allow students to ultimately obtain a degree from their desired university.


If you would like to prepare for a specific career and study intensively one area, a diploma may be your best option.  Diplomas generally take 1 -2 years of study time and will focus on careers such as behavioural science, law clerk, accounts manager or visual merchandiser.  Some colleges offer up to 500 different career options.

Graduate Certificate

For people interested in working in Canada, having already completed their degree in their home country, colleges offer graduate certificate programs which are designed for students with previous education and/or work experience.  In as little as eight months you can gain valuable skills in your industry.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements will be different depending on the curriculum on your high school, here are some examples:

General Certificate of Education (GCE)

  • 5 O-Level subjects plus a minimum of two A-Levels are required to determine your average
  • A-Level English is mandatory, as is mathematics at the O-Level.
  • Faculties may require additional course – check the website for the college you are applying to.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

  • An International Baccalaureate diploma or at a minimum, three higher-level subjects and three subsidiary-level subjects to determine your average.
  • Faculties may require additional course – check the website for the college you are applying to.
  • Transfer credit may be possible.


What to consider when deciding on which university or college

  1. What program?
  2. How long is the program?
  3. Are there co-op/intern programs?
  4. How big is the university/college?
  5. What is campus life at the university/college?
  6. Where is the university/college located?
  7. What accommodation is offered?
  8. What extracurricular activities does it offer?
  9. Is the university/college campus diverse and support international students?
  10. Do you care about reputation of the school?
  11. What is the cost?

Are there any scholarships or financial assistance?



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